Saturday, August 4, 2007

Roasted Murdering Bastard Anyone?

hero of the day: Giorgi Chukov (and his Stalingrad streetfighters)
The above tosser tried to blow up Glasgow Airport a few weeks ago. Instead, he blew himself up and suffered 90% burns.
In Iraq, affiliated Al-Qaeda kill groups said that "those who cure you will kill you". Sorry boys, didn't happen. Your mongness nipple-features wasn't up to it so it turned out that "those who you tried to kill, tried to cure you". The taxpayer spent an estimated £100,000 trying to keep this rodent alive. But to no avail. He died yesterday. Damn shame.
Some people said we shouldn't have spent the money on treating him. Of course we should. Providing life-saving treatment to those who have want nothing more than to see us all die horrible deaths may look like the behaviour of a bunch of right-on pussies but it isn't. It's exactly that sort of mercy that makes us better than the yee-hah lunatics who are trying to hurt us.
So bye bye, mate. All the best. But look on the bright side. You've got 72 virgins to look forward to. Or maybe not. Maybe the virgins won't be up for it seeing as you failed to kill anyone innocent. Maybe the truth is that you died trying to kill a lot of people who didn't deserve it when the real war was thousands of miles away. You could, of course, had done the same thing in Iraq because there are lots of people there just like you killing lots and LOTS of people who don't deserve it either. Maybe you just got sick of waiting in line to hurt random bystanders so you tripped off over to the UK to do it there.
I guess we'll never know. What we do know is that the last thing he was ever aware of was the distant voice of the infidel pig who had done everything in his power to save his life.
And that, to me, says it all.


Mousie said...

At least the state will be spared the bill for his cremation...

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Yet again ... a brilliant post. I'm going to start criticising so that I don't sound like some pathetic groupie trying to get into Mick Jagger's knickers!

The Bastard Family said...

Oh he was cured alright... cured and roasted like the fat porker he once was. Glasgow is a race of people unlike anything al fry-eda has come up against before.

Its best that ALL terrorists stick to bullying people who don't fight back. Glaswegians definitely do not play nicely with other children.

What the papers didn't report on the day of the attack was that when people realised what porky and his other playmate was up to, they kicked the living crap out of them.

Instant justice is what the Strathclyde police called it... as they turned a blind eye.