Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dark Future

hero of the day: Charles Darwin
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Some bastard left a couple of bombs in London yesterday, hoping to kill lots of people he'd never met, in the name of his fucking stupid religion presumably.
And then, today, some other bastard attempted to kill lots of Glaswegians by driving a burning car into their airport. I couldn't help but cheer to hear that the "suspects" have been burned to shit but are still alive. No seventy-two virgins for you then, chums.
It got me thinking, though. Where are we headed?
This sort of thing is getting more and more common and I see no end to it. Groups of the insane and the angry are sprouting up everywhere, ready to kill you, me and Dot Cotton at the drop of a hat.
I once had some sympathy with the Islamic world, as I have said. I have none now. This worries me. I am having difficulty seeing other points of view. I am turning into a Neo Con and it terrifies me. Where once there was The Guardian and The Anti Nazi League, there is merely yet another fulminating blog and a deep-rooted desire to take up arms against religious fundamentalists.
I would like to say that it's all religious fundamentalists that I would like to shoot at. In all honesty it's not. I'm no fan of Christians, in fact most of them are odious little people who have never read a proper book, but the fact is, the Christians aren't trying to kill me. The Christians aren't promising to blow people sky high because they disapprove of the nightclub scene. All the Christians are doing is what they always do. They just talk shit and complain. The Muslims want to kill me.
And that gives me the hump.
I can't reconcile that.
80% of this country was against the war in Iraq.
Millions of pounds in public funds have been spent on faith schools and places of worship (for all faiths).
Muslims occupy many positions of power and prestige in our society.
And yet still we are infidels who deserve to be beheaded for "supporting" Bush's crusade.
Still they blow us up.
"Oh but it's not all Muslims!" I hear you cry.
Well, if I had been brought up a Muslim I would have chucked my Koran in the nearest skip by now. When it comes to the crunch, religious belief is a choice and the only proper choice is to reject it. Particularly when it is as oppressive and as murderous as Islam. Continuing to follow such obnoxious beliefs is a choice that deserves nothing but contempt in my opinion.
Whether I'm right or wrong, something very worrying is happening to our world. Religion of all types is on the rise and the barmy people have got the biggest guns.
I've always said that I'd only take up arms against an invader. I used to have quaint images of the Hun rolling down my street. But it's turned out to be a lot more complicated than I ever thought it would. The last bomb to kill people like me was set off by four little pricks from Yorkshire. So what am I to make of that?
It's going to get worse.
People who used to wear army surplus and tie-dye are turning into an angry mob of home counties xenophobes and I hate to admit it but I'm becoming one of them.
And if I've become one then there can't be that many cool-headed people left.
And the future looks pretty grim.


Old Knudsen said...

I tried to comment yesterday but I had computer issues probably the sandsavages at work again.
The hate is like Gollum listening to the ring, thats what it does to you and you only hear it talking reason vanishes. I just did a rant on my blog about it as i have experienced this shit before in another form.

Javi said...

Great point.

I've been trying to write something like this for some time now, but I just couldn't get it.

After 3/11 (the train bombings in Madrid), I have been trying to figure out what I felt for the Muslim world, and I'm coming to the same conclusion you are. Religion is a choice. If my religion encourages me to kill my neighbors just because they're "infidels" I would renounce to it in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, help will still be given to those who hate us but live amongst us, as our Judaic-Christian guilt will force us to. No matter their intolerance and hate towards us grows bigger a bigger every day, we still feel impelled to receive them with our arms wide open.

I hope one day sanity will makes us realize they're making a fool of ourselves.

By the way, I'm linking you from my blog!

the witchfynder said...

thanks man. Linking the witchfynder will always guarantee respect and gratitude.
Big up.

Ron said...

Old Knud: you have probably been visiting some nasty porn sites and got savaged by a couple o' trojans. I am currently in the process of re-stringing a friend's peecee due to this sorta ting, mun.

On the subject o' the bombings I wuz particularly pleased to see the half-burned underwear of one half-baked doctor as his particular caper went tits up. I hope his knackers were too fried to be any use to any "celestial virgins".

Fuck him and all wot sail in him.

dickiebo said...

You said it mate. The future looks pretty grim indeed.