Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Demise of Sanity as a Lifestyle Choice

hero of the day: Pat Condell
I'll tell you this... back in the day I used to be a very accepting soul. I have spent precious hours of my life arguing with all and sundry about why we should be nice to people with barmy ideas and beliefs.

And now I don't give a shit.
It's true.
I have been born again.
If you believe I'm going to burn in hell because I think the bible/the koran/the torah/the back of a cornflakes packet is a load of old toss, you can fuck off. And I mean it.
If you would refer to me as an infidel or a kafur or preach that it's all right to blow me up because I don't believe in the same bearded lunatic from yesteryear that you do, you can fuck off again.
I have been surfing the internet of late and it seems to me that those who would profess to follow the sage words of some spiritual wise man (Jesus, Mohammed, the flying spaghetti monster) are infact the craziest, nastiest, most bigoted fools that walk the earth. It's barking mad American Christians that started Iraq, it was Muslims who blew up London/Madrid/New York and it's Hindus who are demanding that a cow with TB be allowed to live (thus endangering countless people... sorry, infidels).
I logged on to (all hail to the mighty Dawkins, check him out) for the first time yesterday and was appalled to read samples from the long list of frothing hatemail sent to him by friends of our man Jesus. "Ha ha ha" says one "Can't wait to see you punished by God and burn forever. ha ha ha!" I've corrected the few dozen spelling mistakes. "My gun is loaded" says another.
yeah, well so is mine bastard.
And if you arseholes really want a jihad, count me as a sworn enemy.
Because I've had enough.
Bollocks to God.

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Ron said...

"May the prophet Muhammed (praise his shitty ringpiece) burn your toast and cut funny bunnyrabbit-shaped holes in your carpet slippers for such profanities"

Ha haha!