Friday, June 22, 2007

Mr Mediocre and the Fuckwit Evangelicals

hero of the day: Horatio Nelson (balls of steel!)
Keith Allen.
Jesus, what a cock...
First he pollutes our screens with his ludicrous ham acting in "made-for-the-clever-people" films that are far easier to forget than they are to watch. Then he pollutes our planet with that paradigm of mediocrity Lily who just won't stop singing at us in that boil-in-the-bag mockney accent and who is a finer example of "my-daddy-knows-the-right-people" than has ever walked this Earth.
And now, because he's a drunk, a letch and foul-mouthed tosser, he feels we need him to go and take the piss out of the Christians for a Channel 4 "documentary".
Because he's an atheist and that's what atheists do apparently.
A few points here, Keith.
1. The Christians do not need you to take the piss out of them. They are doing a perfectly good job of that themselves.
2. The fact that you're a piss artist does not give you the right to portray yourself as the face of modern, secular liberalism. You are not the face of modern, secular liberalism. You are a piss artist.
3. Hate-filled religious bigots deserve zero publicity. And I mean ZERO. As soon as you swagger over to their compound in the USA and switch the camera on, you give them publicity... and they have won. You know that. I know you know that. Because you fucking admitted it on screen!
4. Shouting at a barking mad Christian that God doesn't exist does not make good television, it is boring.
5. A documentary is well researched, thought-provoking and informative. Your car crash TV show was none of these. There are literally thousands of proper journalists out there who could have done a better job and would have done, if only they'd been made famous by getting their todger out on "Shallow Grave" like you.
Keith Allen's programme was an insult to film makers, journalists, actors, writers and cameramen... to name a mere handful. In fact the only people it wasn't an insult to were the Christians.
Nice one, dickhead.


Around My Kitchen Table said...

Just caught up with your brilliant blog. I've started reading through and keep shouting out, "Yes!" as I agree with some point you've made. This is really good stuff. Have you ever thought of sending off some of your postings to the newspapers? This column can hold its own with any I've read in any paper - tabloid or broadsheet. I'll be back......

The Little Cheese said...

Keith Allen is a ninny. Louis Theroux's take on the same family of nutters was much better. He polished the bullets and they fired them.

Keith Allen on the other hand was more interested in trying to be funny than doing a documentary.

Ron said...

Keith makes a brill Harvey Wallbanger.